VIDEO: TigerShark and SharkVac Robotic Cleaner Troubleshooting (click here)

In this video, we cover basic troubleshooting tricks and tips for the Hayward TigerShark and SharkVac XL robotic, automatic pool cleaners. This video is designed to serve as a quick overview, and DOES NOT replace or supersede the detailed installation or operation requirements set forth in the product Owners & Installation Manual.

If this video doesn’t solve the problem you’re having with your robotic vacuum feel free to contact Planet Pools at (337) 477-1431.

Topics Covered:
Cleaner is not moving
Cleaner is moving slowly
Cleaner is not cleaning the entire pool
Cleaner is getting stuck on main drains
Cleaner is not removing all the debris in the pool
Cleaner is not climbing the walls
Cleaner is floating
Cleaner is running longer than the advertised time